About Us

With nearly a decade of experience as one of the premier online retailers of high quality car and truck accessories available today, Custom Werks prides itself on working tirelessly alongside the most respected manufacturers in the business while simultaneously guaranteeing fast and reliable service at every sharp turn of the road ahead. Staffed with an enthusiastic sales team committed to making your visit to Custom Werks as pleasing and user-friendly as possible, we'll help you build the car of your dreams from the wheels up one detail at a time.

Custom Werks got into the business back in 2004 initially as a retailer of customized car and truck license frames out in the suburbs of North Riverside, just west of the biggest and best mecca in the Midwestern United States: Chicago. As the winds of change signaled the growth of global businesses moving into the online marketing arena, Custom Werks joined the fray, switching to an exclusive online catalog of automotive car accessories and products.

And as proof of our continued search for excellence in our field, navigating the Custom Werks website couldn't be any more user-friendly if we tried. Some websites look as if they were deliberately designed to confuse visitors, sending potential customers in an endlessly dizzying stream of circles with no end in sight . . . a sure-fire way to not only loose valuable business, but to possibly weaken the scope and influence of your brand. Bad move.

Understanding the need for simplicity when it comes to online shopping, we've broken our choices into just two convenient categories (Accessories and Lifestyle) to make it as easy as possible for customers to browse our wide selection of products by. And judging by the positive feedback we've received over the years, we're certain you'll find exactly what you're searching for . . . and maybe even stumble upon an unexpected treasure or two that you just can't do without.

License plate frames with or without logos, tow hitch covers, tire stem valve caps, key rings, leather goods, travel coffee mugs, pens, and umbrellas . . . all novel and ideal embellishments for that gorgeous car of yours that you've simply got to have. Treat yourself to a much-deserved gift or rack up some good karma and surprise a good friend, loved one, or fellow car enthusiast with any one of Custom Werks' fine items.

There's no denying the fact that our cars are a big investment, and to many more of us, they're also a way of Life. As the vehicles that propel us through the world, ushering us into new and exciting realms of self-discovery and adventure decade after decade, a car is much more than simply a means to an end; they're one of the finest examples of how artistic expression joins together with streamlined functionality. So let Custom Werks do the work for you and your car . . . all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.