American Flag License Plate with Blue Line (Carbon Black)

Product Information


Blacked Out USA Flag with a “ Dark Blue Opague-THIN LINE” on a Black Carbon Steel License Plate. The background of this plate is black opaque acrylic that’s laser cut and then hand assembled on a #304 Grade Stainless Steel plate, that’s been powder coated using an electrostatic painting process. Everything is made in the USA! Weighing 1 pound, measuring about 12 x 6 inches and approximately 1 millimeter thick giving it a distinct and durable feel. Mirror and/or opaque 1/8 inch lazer-cut high impact acrylic design(s) are adhered to the surface, with genuine 3M adhesives, to create a captivating three-dimensional finish.


1/8" laser cut high impact acrylic design(s) are affixed to the plate using only Genuine 9502 3M Adhesive

Carbon Stainless-Style license tags

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Size: U.S. standard size 6" x 12" x 0.25"Made in the USA by Eurosport Daytona Inc.